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Pax- CLient Problem's>? Staff App's>? New Player?!?!? READ~!

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Pax- CLient Problem's>? Staff App's>? New Player?!?!? READ~!

Post  pax on Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:28 am


Pax here. Tonight, 8-23-2011 the server will be offline to anyone who is trying to get on. Hard coding is being done and many bug's-glitch's-shop's-item's-monster's, and many other things will be added, removed, updated and fixed. For all new members! A new StandardScape Video will be being made, and all other players who decide to make one and post it on forum's, will impact my staff application's part of forums being updated today. When its online again, six or seven a.m. pacific time zone, Make a video post on forums/youtube. Add a link to it in your staff application.

The following positions are open:
One Admin
Two Ingame Moderator's
One Global Moderator
Two ShoutBox Moderator's
One Forum's Admin

Comment your opinion's or any glitches or things you feel need to be said changed fixed or any of that.


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